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Content is king

Streaming has changed the world of entertainment. We aim to push the boundaries, identify new potential projects and bring them to audiences all over the world!


We are Working on

Zoran Kanti-Paul at the debut of his Twistine showcar

New Show – Title TBA

Series | International| PG

Coming TBA

A new take on automotive-centric car and bike shows and the culture surrounding them.

Come along with Zoran Kanti-Paul as he takes you all over Australia and who knows maybe beyond. Showcasing the scene and the people at the heart of it.

With guests from Australia and abroad lined up to be our special guests on the show.

Australian indigenous entrepreneurs media project

Indigenous Entrepreneurs

New Series | Australia| PG

Coming in 2023

A new show launching in Australia on network TV, that will be built around a number of indigenous entrepreneurs.

You will see how they strike a balance with their worklife and their families.

A first of its kind show!

Richard Rawlings and Zoran Kanti-Paul

Gas Monkey Garage World Domination Tour

New Series | International| PG

Coming TBA

World Super Star Richard Rawlings & his mate Australia’s own Zoran Kanti-Paul, team up for a brand new take on car shows!

Hanna Kanti-Paul and a 50s Kustom

about us


Our name stands for Hanna & Zoran. And yes, somethings are meant to be!

Zoran, who was born in South Australia has had a diverse career. Taking him from the manufacturing industry when he was working for General Motors Holden Australia Limited, into the retail sector and business ownership.

He has lived in Europe for over 2 decades, founding companies there, the largest of which was one of Finland’s largest Language and Culture training companies to the private and government/military sectors.



Zoran Kanti-Paul Gas Monkey